This Ann Arbor early Greek Revival brick house was extensively remodeled with a new master bedroom and kitchen. The porch structure was also reconstructed with new parts milled to match the old ones. A new garage consistent with Greek Revival architecture replaced the existing rotting garage. The water tower roof was restored as well. Additional work was done in 2005 to convert part of an upstairs apartment to a sitting room for the homeowners and an historic stairway was restored using original woodwork.
Lund Residence
Lund House Renovation on Pontiac Trail
ABOVE During construction new porch railings and columns were milled to match the old ones.
ABOVE Specifically curved doorways fit the brick water tower base.
BELOW A view from Pontiac Trail shows the newly constructed garage.
Owner: Nancy and Bob Harrington
Architect: Rueter Associates Architects
Builder: Westside Builders