The Tamason Dupuis residence is located on a prominent and windy site on the Trinity harbourfront called Hog’s Nose. The history of this house is sketchy. The earliest written record is a bill of sale dated 1911. However, the owners believe the house to have been built in approximately 1885 as when walls were stripped they found newspaper dating close to this time period.

Restoration started with reinforcement of the main floor structure by installing a new central beam and piers under the house and replacement of rotten sill plates. The linhay was rebuilt according to its original design. The original 12/12 roof was also re-built and traditional cedar roofing shingles were installed. All exterior clapboard was replaced and all windows and doors as well. Windows were locally crafted to replicate the original windows in the house. Wide corner boards with beaded edges replaced the deteriorated ones.

– from the Newfoundland Historic Trust, 2004 Southcott Award

Eric Coldridge
Stephen Locke
Tamason Dupuis Residence
Hog’s Nose Face-Lift