Architectural Zoning and Code Regulations

When it comes to architectural design, there are many boxes to check before your project can be completed.

It’s important you have an architectural firm by your side who understands zoning, codes, and ordinances. It’s also critical that your architectural representative has relationships within the community's governing authorities to be able to advocate for your project and keep things running smoothly as your project progresses. Rueter Associates Architects is rooted within the Ann Arbor community, and our ongoing relationships with city planners, the local historic district commission, and other officials allow us to partner with both clients and officials in finding solutions to zoning and code issues. When it comes to overcoming obstacles in the design and building process, we are with you every step of the way.

Zoning Reviews

Every project goes through a formal or informal zoning review process. This ensures that issues are identified from the beginning of the process, and prevents errors in design and site development. On larger projects where a site plan is involved, we perform formal zoning reviews to make sure there are no issues with stipulations such as setbacks, height limitations, and environmental considerations that will alter the design and scope of a project. When we do run into issues, we work diligently with local officials to resolve them as quickly as possible so your project progresses as planned.

Building Codes

When it comes to building permits, every area of design is subject to a host of building codes that regulate everything from design to material choice. It is the responsibility of the architect to ensure these codes are met and interpreted correctly to secure approval. With a background in city planning, Rueter Associates Architects are well-versed in building codes and historical commission regulations, and we consult code documents on a daily basis to ensure we are in compliance and working on behalf of our clients to deliver results for their designs.

You need an architect who is as deeply invested in your communities and neighborhoods as you are. When you need help navigating the architectural zoning and code regulations that stand in the way of your project, partner with Rueter Associates Architects for innovative designs and functional solutions. Contact us today to learn more about your design options.

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