R E S I D E N T I A L  A D D I T I O N S & R E N O V A T I O N S

Rueter Associates Architects has completed many residential renovations and additions. Although our approach may change for projects of widely differing costs and complexities, the following services are required for most projects:

Most work requires that all or portions of the existing home and lot be measured, and structural and mechanical inspections be performed. The as-built drawings ensure a proper fit between old and new work and are prepared using a computer.

After an initial client meeting, preliminary drawings of floor plans and exterior elevations are prepared for the client’s review. These suggest architectural character and help to clarify your specific requirements. In this phase, the scope of the project may be revised or additional ideas explored. Upon completion of this phase, you should be satisfied with the overall design. Any further changes to the project design will be considered revisions.

A builder’s estimate of cost may be attained based on the Schematic Design drawings and preliminary bank financing may be arranged at this time.

We will prepare all documents for Zoning variances or Historic District compliance, as required, and will present the project before governing bodies.

These drawings further refine architectural character and special features to be included. Detailed drawings and specifications are prepared that describe your project for the builder. The drawings may consist of a site plan, floor plans, exterior elevations, cross sections, structural framing plans, wall cross sections and electrical plans. Occasionally, plumbing and mechanical plans may be prepared to help coordinate a difficult project. The specifications describe the type and quality of materials to be used. This package is necessary for building and zoning permits and often for closing on any financing loan.

This work includes assistance in selecting a builder, comparing bids and negotiating a contract between the owner and the builder.

During construction, we visit the site to verify compliance with the drawings and specifications. Any outstanding decisions, generally regarding finish details, equipment and materials, are finalized at this time. Note: In renovation projects, drawings are made based on assumptions regarding concealed conditions. As a result, structural, mechanical or electrical problems may be discovered during demolition/construction. We recommend that the owner have a contingent amount held in reserve for job changes and to cover material upgrades.

Meetings, phone consultations, reimbursable costs (such as printing, permits, mileage, presentation materials, etc.), revisions, structural analysis, miscellaneous support documents required by contractors, local city or township officials, and assistance with cabinets or colors or materials or finish selections (such as tile, plumbing and electrical fixtures, carpeting, etc.) will be billed at hourly rates.